Monday, 31 October 2016

Room Twelves Missing Teacher

 Room Twelve's Missing Teacher

It's the day of Halloween the 31st of October and Mrs Golder has a headache. After fitness Mrs Vickers had to split Room 12 up. We had to take our bags and Chromebook to do our work. . I was with Mika and Timote in Room 1 with Mrs Pederson. When we first approached Room 1 we were excited until.......we opened our Chromebook and our battery was low. So we tread passed our class and went to Mr Reid's class and asked if we could use some of the children's chargers.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Room Twelve's Syndicate Assembly

 Room 12 Syndicate Assembly

 On Monday it was Room Twelve's turn to host the syndicate assembly. I was away on Friday when they were planning it because I had a stomach ache, but I came on Monday when they were hosting it. Some of the people hosting the assembly didn't memorise their lines properly but luckily it was successful.    

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Back At School

 Back At School

 It is the 10th of October and the holidays are over and now we are back at school. In a few weeks the teachers will begin to test us on our learning. Most people came but a few slept in or just wagged school. I was sort of excited because testing was going to start but I think I just need to listen and try my best.